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Strokes Gained

Collecting statistics is an important part of improving your golf game, but the classic stats can sometimes be misleading. There is a new style of golf statistic called strokes gained that has been pioneered by Mark Broadie, author of Every Shot Counts. It breaks down your rounds and shows you strokes gained and lost in each aspect of your game. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses helps you focus your practice on the areas of your game which will have most impact on your score.  


How does it work?

Strokes gained measures your performance against the benchmark of the average PGA Tour pro performance. The benchmarks used are the average strokes to hole out from any given position on a golf course, which is determined by the two most important factors, distance to the hole and lie of the ball. By recording these two pieces of data for every shot on the course you can compare the quality of your shots to the average PGA Tour pro.


Collecting the data

The best part about strokes gained statistics is that the data that you need to analyse your round is so simple to collect and enter. We have designed a data card that is the same size as the average scorecard so it fits easily into your pocket. All you need to record for every shot is the pre-shot distance to the hole and the pre-shot lie of the ball. That's it - its that easy!! Then when you get home from your round it takes under 10 minutes to enter this data into the website to produce the best analysis of your game available.


Analysing the data

Once you have entered the data from your round, your results will be displayed in the following categories:



The above categories can also be shown in smaller increments for further analysis of your game.


Your whole round will be broken down into strokes that you gained and lost on every shot, combining all these together in the above categories gives you an exciting insight into your performance. The more rounds that you enter the better the data becomes as you build up a deeper analysis of the profile of your game.


We have also included some 'Classic Stats' so that you can compare these to the strokes gained method. The classics that we have included are:



If you are having golf lessons then this data and analysis is valuable information that can help your coach plan your lesson time efficiently to have the most impact on your score. You can analyse your data together and decide what time should be spent on each aspect of your game, during your lesson and whilst practising. Print off the PDF view of your rounds and the PDF graph analysis to give your coach the most insight into how you perform on the course.


Try It Out!

Give it a go! See for yourself how simple this method of golf stats is and the quality of the data that you get from it! You can try the website free for 14 days and you will not be asked to give any bank or payment details whilst registering for your free trial.


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Start analysing your game today and improve your scores by having a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses!

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