Golf stats made SIMPLE to record, QUICK to enter and EFFORTLESS to analyse

GolfStatTracker uses the powerful new tool 'strokes gained' to allow every golfer to analyse their own golf game

By understanding the profile of your game and the number of strokes you gain or lose in each aspect of a round, you will be able to work on your weaknesses and improve your score

Simple to Record

  • Record on course while shots are fresh in your mind
  • Only two items of data required, distance to the hole and lie of the ball
  • Data sheet fits neatly into your pocket with your scorecard

Quick to Enter

  • After your round the data entry is quick and painless
  • Easy to review, edit and capture required data
  • The more rounds you input the better the quality of the information

Effortless to Analyse

  • The data gives a clear picture of your game with easy to follow graphs and numbers
  • Share your results with your coach to help develop your skills and lower your scores
  • Use your lesson and practice time efficiently 

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