How To Use GolfStatTracker

Here are the very simple instructions that you will need to begin using the site!


Recording your data

After login you will see a tab for 'Print Scorecard', here is a PDF that you can take with you whilst playing a round to record the small amount of data that you require, pre-shot DISTANCE to the hole and pre-shot LIE.



The most accurate way to record distance is to use GPS device or laser range finder. The distance should be distance to the hole and from all lies (other than on the green) the distance should be recorded in YARDS. If you do not have a device to help you with determining the distance then you can use markers or course guides.


When on the green the distance should be recorded in FEET and the easiest way to do this is to pace it out or your best estimate from a long distance (a couple of feet over a long putting distance will not make that much difference to the results).


Try and be as accurate as you can when recording distances but if you are within 5 - 10 yards or couple of feet your results will not be significantly affected. 


There is no data available for the following:

-         Any shot over 600 yards - The site will allow you to enter upto 700 yards, however the data is based on 600 yards. Driving distance will be recorded correctly upto 700 yards.

-         Tee shot under 100 yards - Record as a Fairway shot

-         Putt over 100 feet - Record as 100 feet

The site will warn you if you do enter any distances where data is not available.


Important things to remember when recording distance!

-         On green distances measured in FEET

-         Off green distances measured in YARDS (INCLUDING FAIRWAY PUTTS)



Once pre-shot distance has been determined then you need to record one of the following lies (record using the abbreviated keys as on data card) :



For example if your tee shot goes out of bounds, record stroke 1 as distance and lie from the tee, stroke 2 as a OB penalty shot, stroke 3 as the same distance and lie from your original tee shot.


Another example is if you hit your tee shot into a hazard, record stroke 1 as distance and lie from the tee, stroke 2 as HZ penalty shot, stroke 3 from the new distance and lie from where you have made the drop.


Penalty shots are added to the strokes gained/lost calculation of the shot from which they are associated. 



Entering a Round

Click on 'record a session' to start entering your data.


You will be asked to enter the details of the course and round first. The course may be saved in the drop down box for you to click on, or if not select 'New Course' and you will be asked for name and location of the course. The rest of the details needed are self explanatory.


You then need to simply work through each hole, recording the par of the hole, and the distance and lie of each shot. If you are entering on a desktop computer you can use the corresponding letter to enter the lie and you can use the tab key to tab through the boxes.


If you need to enter a penalty use the drop down box on the corresponding stroke to record the type of penalty. The computer will automatically duplicate the line above which will ensure the correct strokes gained calculation is applied. 

For a two stroke penalty enter a penalty for the two strokes that it applies and the computer will make the necessary calculations. 


You click on FINISH to complete the hole and move to next hole, GO BACK to return to previous hole and SAVE DATA & EXIT if you want to save what you have done and return later (or if you are only entering an incomplete round, say 9 hole practise).


When you have clicked SAVE DATA & EXIT or FINISH on hole 18, you will be taken to the summary screen which shows you the pars and score for each hole so that you can check through what you have entered and ensure it matches the totals on your scorecard/data card.


If you do notice anything that you need to change then just click on the hole number and you will be taken to that hole so that you can edit. When you have changed that hole just click on SAVE DATA & EXIT and you will be taken back to the summary screen.


When you are happy with what you have entered click COMPLETE ROUND and the data you have entered will be saved and can be viewed in VIEW HISTORY.


If you do not click COMPLETE ROUND after making entries, when you next go into record a round it will bring up the details of this uncompleted round. If you don't want to store these entries that you have previously entered just click COMPLETE ROUND anyway and then go into VIEW HISTORY and delete from there (see instructions below).


That's it your all done!! And when you are familiar with the entering process it should take you less than 10 minutes!!



The Analysis Screens

View History

This gives you an overview of every round that you have entered. You will see that the details of each round are displayed including the type of round, course par, your score, strokes gained and lost under each category and total strokes gained/lost for the round (G/L).


The other icons need further explanation:


If this box is ticked for a round it will include the stats/results of that round in the graphs & data shown in the dashboard screen under the tab SUMMARY and the relevant YEAR tab.


This is useful if you want to review a specific number of rounds and get combined stats and data for these rounds only, for example a 36 hole competition, 2 day competition or maybe compare practise rounds to competition rounds.


To tick all the boxes or un-tick all the boxes you can click on the little box above the heading.


Part rounds entered will not be included in the stats and data displayed in the MY STATS page. You can however view strokes gained/lost for those holes and also display the strokes gained or lost graph for those holes by using the icons at the side of the round.


If you click on this icon the strokes gained/lost graph and data will be displayed for that round only.


If you click on this icon the strokes gained/lost BY HOLE will be displayed for that round only. This gives you an overview of the round and which holes lost or gained you shots.


VIEW - This will give you an overview of the round hole by hole and shot by shot so you can look at individual holes and shots more closely.


EDIT - This takes you back to the EDIT A SESSION summary screen if you need to make changes to what you have entered.


DELETE - This allows you to permanently delete a complete round.


PDF - This gives you a PDF version of the overview you see in VIEW explained above. This allows you to print more easily.



My Stats  


This displays the graphs and data of the rounds that you have entered.


The first tab SUMMARY shows you the combined totals of all rounds entered (or the combined totals of all boxes ticked if you have de-selected some rounds).


The second tab LAST ROUND shows you the last round in your history, by date played not date entered, (or the last round played out of the rounds that you have ticked if you have de-selected some rounds).


The next tabs are by YEAR and these will display the combined totals of all rounds in that year (or the combined totals of all the boxes ticked if you have de-selected some rounds).


In any of these graphs you can click on the bars and it will bring up smaller increments of this data, for example if you click on putting it will break all your putting data for that graph down into 1 foot putts, 2 foot putts, 3 foot putts etc etc this gives you a greater insight into which shots are loosing or gaining you shots.

If you click on a bar to show smaller increments and you want to get back to the original graph click on Go Back in the left hand bottom corner. 

You can download any of the graphs above in JPEG/PNG format by clicking on the little icon in the top right hand corner of the graph. This allows you to print or save the graphs. 

There are 4 boxes at the bottom of the graphs that show you the 'Classic Stats'


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